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KSA Lighting and Controls set out to implement the vision of transforming into the premier agency in the Chicago, Central Illinois and Iowa markets. That vision evolves with the continuous addition of team members that complement our commitment by focusing on consistently delivering superior service and are easy to do business with. The customer centric approach and commitment to excellence will allow us to continue building on the strong foundation of our beginnings.

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"The difference between a good company and a great company is its people. Its extraordinary how a group of individuals from many different backgrounds come together to make such a great team. Our success to date and going forward is a direct result of the team that Jim Williams has put in place as well as our customer base."

- Jim Maucieri

"The term “Quick Quotes” was created by KSA Lighting and set the standard and follows our motto of being “Easy to do Business With”. Responsiveness and accuracy are key and because of this our customers keep returning."

- Vince Biondo

"The KSA customer satisfaction promise gives you a feeling of trust that we will always cover your every need, effectively troubleshoot potential issues and provide all product & service at a good value."

- Tracy Hasselbring

"KSA is a place where you can challenge yourself; a place where you can bet on yourself to try something new and outside your comfort zone because you believe you have more to offer, more to become, more to you than what others have allowed you to allow yourself to see."


"One of our guiding principles is to be easy to do business with. KSA will not take our customers for granted nor will we ever stop working to improve ourselves. People buy from people. KSA has great people and great customers!"

- Amanda Jeanes

"KSA is unlike any company I have ever worked for in terms of team spirit. Just like the Golden Rule, people at KSA are treated well – directly resulting in us treating others well."

- Tracy Hasselbring

"The specification sales group is in place to assist specifiers in the process of lighting design. Our many lines provide them a one stop shop and decades of team experience aid them in getting the right products in the right frequency & placement."

- Sharon Olsen

"Simply put, the people of KSA are what makes our company a sought after place to work. In the culture which has been created at KSA we are not pitted against one another to compete. The result is a more organic & harmonious work environment."

- Meredith Smith

"Whether we realize it or not, all of us as human beings – take the path of least resistance. At KSA, we hope we are creating a customer experience which feels effortless."

- Val Blaszko